Brady and Courtney McGarry

Alumni Class of 2002
“And then I met one of the guys in the land surveying program and thought that's way cooler and way more fun than what I'm studying.”
Brady and Courtney McGarry

Mark and Rosanne Tilden

Alumni Class of 1977 and 1978
“Their inaugural venture was nothing short of groundbreaking, laying the groundwork for leading airlines to commence ticket sales online in the late 1990s”
Mark and Rosanne Tilden

Scott Bennett

Alumni Class of 2005
“Do not feel ashamed to pursue something that makes you happy. Pay is not everything. You being able to go home and feel like you did the best you can and that you are growing as a person and helping the company grow is for me, far better. ”

Devin and Missy McKenna

Alumni Class of 2005
“Embark on a journey with Devin and Missy McKenna—a love story that originated at Oregon Tech. Through college days, professional growth, and family life, witness a tale of enduring love and commitment that finds its roots in the heart of Oregon Tech. ”
Devin and Missy Mckenna

Keri Weishaar

Alumni Class of 2005
“Keri Weishaar is a shining example of a mechanical engineering alumna who is excelling in her field and also as an entrepreneur.”

Daniel Helmricks

Alumni Class of 2013
“Meet the 2023 Recent Alumni Achievement award recipient who is making his mark as a member of the NOAA Corps.”
Daniel Helmricks

Tapadhir Das

Alumni Class of 2018
“What a proud moment for Oregon Tech professors when the student becomes a teacher. Meet Professor Tap Das!”
Tap Das

Rachel Novak

Alumni Class of 2010
“Pharmacist, professional freediver, mermaid, stunt double, business owner, and so much more. Dive into Rachel's owl-mazing world.”
Rachel Novak

Kara Schwendener

Alumni Class of 2004
“A proud Oregon Tech graduate who began her career in software engineering, switched gears, and is making a difference as an educator.”
Kara Schwendener

Lodewijk Bloemzaad

Alumni Class of 2019
“Recent recipient of coveted marketing honors for his work in international marketing, LB is making his voice heard on a global level.”

Mary Campbell

Alumni Class of 1984
“Mary has been involved in Molecular Diagnostic lab testing for most of her career. This field focuses on DNA and RNA and is not even something that existed in clinical labs when she first started working for Providence Health & Services 35 years ago. Providence was one of the early adopters of this technology. Early in her career, they developed “PCR” tests to detect viruses within a few hours when it used to take up to a month to grow some of these same viruses in cell culture.”

Loriene Roy

Alumni Class of 1977
“Loriene’s career has consisted of so much more than being a university professor. She is the founder and director of a national reading program for American Indian students called “If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything.” She has served as the President of the American Library Association and AILA and has won countless awards for her leadership, excellence in teaching, and various contributions to society. ”

2023 Distinguished Alumni Awardees

“Meet the recipients of the 2023 Distinguished Alumni awards.”
2023 Awardees

Luke Ovgard

Alumni Class of 2013
“Business owner, writer, educator, Guardsman, and record-holding fisherman...Luke Ovgard is also now a published author. ”
Luke Ovgard

Bailey Hill

Alumni Class of 2018
“As a mechanical engineer, Bailey Hill encourages people to "be open to learning new things."”
Bailey Hill

Cody Bulkley

Alumni Class of 2015
“Cody Bulkley landed his dream job after graduating from Oregon Tech, working on Corvettes for General Motors.”
Cody Bulkley

Kendra Santiago and David Johnson

Alumni Class of 2009 and 2005
“Meet the new owners of the century-old SmithBates business in Klamath Falls: Kendra Santiago '09 and David Johnson '05!”
Kenda & David Smithbates

Marty Mickelson

Alumni Class of 2002
“Working with computers his entire career, Marty Mickelson recently joined forces with his brother to start their own business, creating family-friendly card games. Meet the creator of Hasty Baker!”
Marty Mickelson

Noah Sharrott

Alumni Class of 2022
“Noah believes that transitioning the world to electric “is the most logical next step and improves the world. I contribute to a company I love and help the world become a better and cleaner place for future generations.”
Noah Sharrott Senior Pic

Andrea Whetsell Rodberg

Alumni Class of 2006
“In Andrea’s own words, “I’m so grateful I had a friend who went back to school later in life. I want to encourage veterans that are lost, like I was, to look at the benefits we have. We served our country, and they give back to us with the benefit of getting a good education. I had the opportunity to go to college and have a solid career. I encourage other veterans to take that opportunity.””
Andrea Rodberg

Jason Sullins

Alumni Class of 1998
“Jason explains, "After finishing my undergraduate studies and reentering the high-tech industry, I learned the value of my Oregon Tech training. I used nearly all of the content of almost all my Oregon Tech classes in the engineering roles I served throughout my career. Oregon Tech is the university that is designed for industry, by industry." Jason worked at Maxim Integrated for over 22 years and is completing his final thesis work towards a Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering at Oregon Tech while also starting his own company, Integrity Circuits LLC. ”
Jason Sullins

Yaman Abou Jieb

Alumni Class of 2020
“Yaman Abou Jieb '20 grew up in Damascus, the capital city of Syria. As one of the oldest places in the world, Syria is a country in the Middle East with a civilization that dates back 7,000 years. From 2011-2018, Yaman lived amid the conflict that destroyed his country, witnessed the horrors of violence, and experienced the many good things that flourished despite the upheavals. Yaman's father even opened his home to a refugee family in need, allowing Yaman to explore the world differently. ”

Kara and Jacen Bridges

Alumni Class of 2005 (Kara), 2004 (Jacen)
“Jacen's advice to current and prospective students is this: "If you have an idea or passion for something you want to do, awesome! Keep that spark close to your heart, go to school and learn how to excel to the best of your ability, providing you with the highest chance of success." Kara adds, "Ultrasound is an amazing field to be in since you are continually learning and technology is continuously evolving. This isn't a field you will get bored with! Keep having an open student's mind and you will succeed in the best possible ways. Remember, at the end of the day, we are in this for the patients and we want to be the best for them."”

2022 Alumni Advisory Board - Executive Team

“The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) of Oregon Tech is a group of alumni volunteers who work closely with the Oregon Tech Foundation and the Alumni Relations office to plan events, determine budgetary goals, help increase alumni engagement and work with both students and alumni for mentoring, career and networking opportunities.”
AAB Board

Dave '82 and Quinn '09 Hummel

Alumni Class of 1982 and 2009
“In retirement, Dave enjoys being an outdoorsman, especially being active in hunting and fishing. In honor of his athletic accomplishments for the Owls, Dave was inducted into the Howard Morris Hall of Fame in September of 2022. ... Quinn and his wife, Katie, a third-grade teacher in Sherwood, Oregon, are parents to a 4-year-old son, Leo. When not working, Quinn enjoys spending most of his time fishing, boating, and going on outdoor adventures with Leo. ”

Hanna Wolf

Alumni Class of 2022
“Hanna has a great piece of advice for Oregon Tech students. She says, “Take advantage of all the hands-on opportunities that surround you.” When it comes to doing projects for the university, she further explains, “Sometimes you get paid, sometimes you get really good experience, sometimes you get both.””
Hanna Wolf Headshot

John Howard

Alumni Class of 1985
“As a senior technical leader, he enjoys spending about a third of his time mentoring junior engineers. When describing his colleagues and the projects he works on, he says, “I can’t believe I get paid for doing this! It’s just fun!” ”
John Howard

David Wilson

Alumni Class of 1981
“Of all his endeavors over the years, David explains that mentoring employees gives him the greatest sense of accomplishment. Helping colleagues, teaching the trade, and developing people to become successful engineers is something that brings him great satisfaction in a career that he enjoys so much.”
David Wilson headshot

Sean Gates

Alumni Class of 2003
“For Sean Gates, Oregon Tech class of 2003, his educational and career paths took many twists and turns that were not initially expected or planned. His perseverance and dedication to his passion, though, led him to a more meaningful conclusion.”
sean gates

Jessica Kinman

Alumni Class of 2019
“Jessica’s advice for students is to have a support network: friends, students, family, and colleagues. Jessica reflects on her time at Oregon Tech by explaining, “The support and relating to each other at OIT is what made us stronger.” In the future, be on the lookout for a special event with Jessica which will surely inspire current Oregon Tech students on how to balance school, work and family life.”
Jessica Kinman - thumbnail

Allison Cook

Alumni Class of 2016
“Allison graduated with her baccalaureate degree in Radiologic Sciences cum laude with minors in Business and Medical Sociology. Her externship during her final year was with Legacy Emanuel in Portland, OR and she was hired prior to even graduating to work as a full-time x-ray technologist. Allison explains, “That is an indicator of how well OIT prepared me.””

Thor Nielsen

Alumni Class of 1970
“I have very fond memories of OIT and Klamath Falls where so very much happened to me at a young age. I have never regretted going there and thank my father for suggesting it.”

Brad & Joni Bailey

Alumni Class of 2005 (Brad), 2006 (Joni)
“Brad and Joni met spring term of their freshman year in Mrs. Zumbo's writing class. He played baseball and she played softball and by his terms, they had previously met during spring break games in California. She, however, doesn't recall that! Anyhow, they got to know each other in that writing class and stayed in touch over the summer going into their sophomore year. Their friendship grew, they started to date, then one thing led to another and now they are going on 14 years of marriage!”

Jeffrey Kee

Alumni Class of 1986-87
'86 Land Surveying; '87 Industrial Management I started college at the Klamath Falls campus in 1981. Spending the first year in the dorms built some great friendships and red-shirted as a walk on with the men's basketball team.