Alumni, Class of 2005

Scott Bennett's journey in the world of software engineering is a tale of growth and resilience while following your heart. It all started back in Northern California, where Scott decided to pursue his education at Oregon Tech, partly because of his family ties and partly because it offered a specialized program in software engineering, which was rare at the time. Plus, the community college transfer credits made it a smart choice financially.

Scott Bennett Dad

After graduation, Scott dove headfirst into the job market, taking on different roles at companies like Unicru, Shiftwise, Insignia Health, and Logical Position. These experiences not only honed his technical skills but also taught him valuable lessons about adaptability and perseverance. But Scott wasn't one to stay put for long. When the winds of change blew, he embraced them, even when it meant leaving behind a comfortable position due to company restructuring. 


One software project that he is most proud of had to do with the concept of how school lunches were being handled. Through software his team was able to eliminate the differentiation between students receiving full free lunches, partial free lunches, or those who had to pay for their lunches online. This ensured that all kids had access to meals without any discrimination.

“It was a great step forward, as no child should ever feel singled out or stigmatized for receiving a meal”. ~Scott Bennett. 

Through it all, Scott remained committed to his own growth. He understood the importance of staying updated with the latest technologies and industry trends, always eager to learn something new. To him, it was like being a doctor who constantly keeps up with advancements in medicine to provide the best care.

ScottBennett Drives

Now, as a seasoned professional, Scott shares his wisdom with alumni and new graduates entering the field. He encourages them to embrace change, stay true to their values, and never stop learning. Scott knows that the tech industry offers endless possibilities, and he wants others to explore those opportunities with confidence and curiosity. 

For anyone working in or about to enter the industry, Scott offers these four sensible recommendations:

  • Embrace Change: Recognize that alternate is inevitable inside the tech industry. Don't be afraid to discover new possibilities and adapt to evolving traits.
  • Maintain Integrity: Never compromise on your values, even though you may be leaving a comfortable space. Integrity is essential for long-term success. 
  • Continuous Learning: Stay up to date with the modern-day technology and enterprise tendencies. 
  • Explore Diverse Opportunities: The cutting-edge tech enterprise offers a plethora of career paths beyond traditional managerial roles. Be open to exploring.

By following these standards, current alumni and new graduates can navigate the dynamic world of engineering with self-assurance and resilience, much like Scott Bennett has all through his career.

In the end, Scott's story is a reminder that success in engineering isn't just about technical prowess—it's about resilience, adaptability, and following your passion wherever it may lead.