Alumni Stories
Hanna Wolf Headshot
Alumni, Class of 2022
“Hanna has a great piece of advice for Oregon Tech students. She says, “Take advantage of all the hands-on opportunities that surround you.” When it comes to doing projects for the university, she further explains, “Sometimes you get paid, sometimes you get really good experience, sometimes you get both.””
Bailey Hill
Alumni, Class of 2018
“As a mechanical engineer, Bailey Hill encourages people to "be open to learning new things."”
Alumni, Class of 2005 (Kara), 2004 (Jacen)
“Jacen's advice to current and prospective students is this: "If you have an idea or passion for something you want to do, awesome! Keep that spark close to your heart, go to school and learn how to excel to the best of your ability, providing you with the highest chance of success." Kara adds, "Ultrasound is an amazing field to be in since you are continually learning and technology is continuously evolving. This isn't a field you will get bored with! Keep having an open student's mind and you will succeed in the best possible ways. Remember, at the end of the day, we are in this for the patients and we want to be the best for them."”
2022 Alumni Spiri
2022 Alumni Spirit Award

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