Alumni Stories
Jason Sullins
Alumni, Class of 1998
“Jason explains, "After finishing my undergraduate studies and reentering the high-tech industry, I learned the value of my Oregon Tech training. I used nearly all of the content of almost all my Oregon Tech classes in the engineering roles I served throughout my career. Oregon Tech is the university that is designed for industry, by industry." Jason worked at Maxim Integrated for over 22 years and is completing his final thesis work towards a Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering at Oregon Tech while also starting his own company, Integrity Circuits LLC. ”
John Howard
Alumni, Class of 1985
“As a senior technical leader, he enjoys spending about a third of his time mentoring junior engineers. When describing his colleagues and the projects he works on, he says, “I can’t believe I get paid for doing this! It’s just fun!” ”
Noah Sharrott Senior Pic
Alumni, Class of 2022
“Noah believes that transitioning the world to electric “is the most logical next step and improves the world. I contribute to a company I love and help the world become a better and cleaner place for future generations.”
2022 Alumni Spiri
2022 Alumni Spirit Award

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