Alumni Stories
David Wilson headshot
Alumni, Class of 1981
“Of all his endeavors over the years, David explains that mentoring employees gives him the greatest sense of accomplishment. Helping colleagues, teaching the trade, and developing people to become successful engineers is something that brings him great satisfaction in a career that he enjoys so much.”
Hanna Wolf Headshot
Alumni, Class of 2022
“Hanna has a great piece of advice for Oregon Tech students. She says, “Take advantage of all the hands-on opportunities that surround you.” When it comes to doing projects for the university, she further explains, “Sometimes you get paid, sometimes you get really good experience, sometimes you get both.””
Rachel Novak
Alumni, Class of 2010
“Pharmacist, professional freediver, mermaid, stunt double, business owner, and so much more. Dive into Rachel's owl-mazing world.”
2022 Alumni Spiri
2022 Alumni Spirit Award

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