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Alumni, Class of 2020
“Yaman Abou Jieb '20 grew up in Damascus, the capital city of Syria. As one of the oldest places in the world, Syria is a country in the Middle East with a civilization that dates back 7,000 years. From 2011-2018, Yaman lived amid the conflict that destroyed his country, witnessed the horrors of violence, and experienced the many good things that flourished despite the upheavals. Yaman's father even opened his home to a refugee family in need, allowing Yaman to explore the world differently. ”
Jessica Kinman - thumbnail
Alumni, Class of 2019
“Jessica’s advice for students is to have a support network: friends, students, family, and colleagues. Jessica reflects on her time at Oregon Tech by explaining, “The support and relating to each other at OIT is what made us stronger.” In the future, be on the lookout for a special event with Jessica which will surely inspire current Oregon Tech students on how to balance school, work and family life.”
Devin and Missy Mckenna
Alumni, Class of 2005
“Embark on a journey with Devin and Missy McKenna—a love story that originated at Oregon Tech. Through college days, professional growth, and family life, witness a tale of enduring love and commitment that finds its roots in the heart of Oregon Tech.
2022 Alumni Spiri
2022 Alumni Spirit Award

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