Mark and Rosanne Tilden
Alumni, Class of 1977 and 1978
Gig Harbor

Allow me to introduce Roseanne Miller/Tilden, a Medical Technologist graduate of 1978, and her spouse, Mark Tilden, an Electrical Engineering Technology graduate of 1977. Theirs is a truly inspiring story, one that began at Oregon Tech.

Mark and Roseanne Tilden

After Mark graduated, he embarked on a fulfilling career at Tektronix, a renowned leader in test, measurement, and monitoring technology.

Roseanne dedicated herself to her internship at St. Vincent Hospital and subsequently held various roles at clinics and hospitals over the next decade. Eventually, she made the heartfelt decision to focus on their growing family after the birth of their second daughter.

Mark and Roseanne Tilden Family

Meanwhile, Mark spent a significant portion of his career, 17 years, at Tektronix before taking a leap of faith in April 1994 to establish the first of two internet software companies, alongside a friend from Tektronix.

Their inaugural venture was nothing short of groundbreaking, laying the foundation for leading airlines to commence ticket sales online in the late 1990s, their flagship product, "Booksmart," driving the booking engine and changing the game for the airlines.

In May 2000, amidst the dot-com bubble burst, they sold their maiden company to a competitor, ultimately ensuring job security for over 40 employees at their downtown Portland office.

Regrettably, their acquiring company faced turbulence in the following years, prompting Mark, his co-founder, and their CFO to launch a new venture, reuniting with many of their original team members.

This new endeavor, eventually christened "FlightStats," emerged as a frontrunner in real-time flight status information, powering pioneering travel apps and innovative solutions like Google's early "One box" feature.

As a quirky anecdote, their company briefly graced the screens of millions during a 2010 Super Bowl ad by Google, showcasing a love story through search queries, which included a nod to FlightStats. 

Sixteen years after its inception, they bid farewell to FlightStats, passing the torch to a larger British data company, Cirium.


Mark and Roseanne Tilden

Today Roseanne and Mark continue to cherish their enduring marriage and call Gig Harbor, Washington, home. Throughout Marks life, they have been deeply involved in boating, even competing in two sailboat races from San Francisco to Hawaii. Presently, he holds a US Coast Guard 200-ton Oceans-class license. 

Together they're actively engaged in their local church community and relish summer cruises aboard their boat. During summers, the family usually spends a couple of months aboard their boat, exploring the scenic waters of Alaska together.