Angela and Tom Sanchez

Student Class of 1992
“Angela and Tom, both native Oregonians, met at the Oregon Tech campus in Klamath Falls in the summer of 1990. Tom was a Resident Assistant in campus housing and Angela was attending summer school. Angela’s classmates lived in the dorms where Tom was an RA; Angela studied in that dorm and the rest is history. The couple have now been married for almost 30 years. Both have enjoyed successful careers in the healthcare field and have been working on a new project over the past few years… their own vineyard and winery.”

Armando "AJ" Davila

Alumni Class of 2013
“AJ had a wonderful and productive experience at Oregon Tech. He spent his first two years majoring in civil engineering and minoring in communications. He loved his communications classes so much that he switched majors. As a sophomore, he took over the existing veterans club on campus and took the necessary steps to make it a program with help from fellow alumnus, Joe Miranda. He also got to be the first “president for the day” under President Chris Maples. During that experience, he had the opportunity to pitch an idea to John Day, chair of Klamath County Development Corporation. That idea was the Iron Owl Challenge, which just celebrated their 9th year of the annual event.”

Arnie Chase

Alumni Class of 1975
“As we celebrate during this month of graduation ceremonies, it is only fitting to feature one of our Golden Owl alumni, Arnie Chase, who received both a three-year Associate’s degree in Computer Science Technology and his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Oregon Tech in 1975.”

Ashley Cox

Alumni Class of 2008, 2019
“Ashley’s two pieces of advice for current or future students: Keep in touch with your classmates. Lean in on them to get through the courses. School isn’t easy and neither is the career. Having solid relationships for both arenas will keep one emotionally strong.  Second, know good ergonomics and take care of your body. These careers take a physical toll. Scanning ergonomically, even if makes the exam a minute or two longer, will add years to your health and career.”

Autumn Engh

Alumni Class of 2017
“Autumn began her Oregon Tech program by taking just one class per term while also working full time as a project manager and raising her two kids. Eventually she and her family decided she should take some time off from work and focus on school full time. Autumn completed the bachelor's and accelerated master’s program, graduating in 2017.”

Ben Howard

Alumni Class of 2003

Beulah "BJ" Jones

Alumni Class of 1968
“In addition to being the university’s first female engineering graduate, Jones holds another distinguished first. In 1970, she became the first female licensed surveyor in Oregon.”

Bill Rannow

Alumni Class of 1960
“Bill credits his career to his education at Oregon Tech, saying it gave him the confidence he needed to be successful because of the hands-on experience he received. Now Bill is paying it forward as he and his family just started a scholarship, the “Pop” Rannow Scholarship, to honor his dad and designated for students from Sandy High School who would like to attend Oregon Tech. Representing a work ethic like no other, we are proud to call Bill Rannow an alumnus of Oregon Tech.”

Bob Carstensen and Jesse Crabtree

Alumni Class of 1948
“At the time, students were required to complete a certain number of projects to finish the program. Carstensen wasted no time, completing his work by February, 1948. A well-worn photo from the Herald and News dated February, 1948 shows OVS President Winston Purvine handing Carstensen a certificate; Carstensen is identified as the school’s first graduate.”

Bob Faulkner

Alumni Class of 1966
“After college, Bob was hired to work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, located in Livermore, California, east of the San Francisco Bay. He started in the technical department and ended up supervising many new technicians at the lab in Livermore and also many at the lab near UC Berkeley, then spent his final years on the test grounds working with linear accelerators and other test devices. Bob spent his entire career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory until he retired in 1993. ”

Brenna Chavarin

Alumni Class of 2013
“Brenna graduated with her BS in Dental Hygiene in March of 2013 with the Outstanding Scholars Award. Once she got her license, she worked at Oregon Tech as an adjunct instructor before becoming a full time hygienist the following spring. Brenna says she felt well prepared to begin her career because of what a great program Oregon Tech offers.”

Britt Weidman

Alumni Class of 2015
“Britt Weidman grew up in Klamath Falls and like many teens, looked forward to leaving and attending a large college after high school. She began her studies at the University of Oregon but after a year there, realized she loved her hometown and wanted to return. She enrolled at Oregon Tech and finished her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology in 2015.”

Caroline Doty

Alumni Class of 2014
“Caroline continues to work a few days per month at PeaceHealth. She finds the work valuable since it keeps her up-to-date on scientific advancements and provides her with anecdotal stories she can use in the classroom. Caroline thoroughly enjoys teaching and explains that she particularly enjoys hearing her students’ stories about why they chose to go into this field and she loves witnessing those “a-ha” moments when students make a connection between what they’re studying and their own lives.”

Chris Duffin

Alumni Class of 2019
“Mechanical engineer. Professional powerlifter. Business owner. Inventor. Educator. Author. There are so many ways to describe Chris Duffin, the 2019 alumni award recipient for the Scientific Achievement Award. Here is a brief glance at his career and achievements.”

Clayton Chocktoot

Alumni Class of 1960
“Clay graduated from Oregon Tech in 1960, having studied Auto and Diesel Technology. After college he spent several years as a mechanic before starting his own business in 1969, building high performance cars. He sold his business in 1972 and joined the Chrysler Corporation, working as a District Service and Parts Sales Manager in the Portland area. After taking early retirement, he then went to work for the Nissan Motor Corporation, also in Portland, as a Consumer Relations Manager.”

Cynthia Blachly

Alumni Class of 1987
“The characteristic Cindy loved most about Oregon Tech was that it wasn’t a traditional school with a classical classroom setup. It was a place where students could get a hands-on education and do practical work. She wasn’t the type of student who could learn just from reading a book, but rather, she has always preferred to do things for herself. ”

Danielle Garcia

Alumni Class of 2019
“Danielle’s plan is to continue working at the VA Hospital and eventually become a shift lead. While in college, Danielle was Vice President for the student club of American Society of Clinical Lab Scientists (ASCLS) at Oregon Tech. She is now an Ascending Professional for the ASCLS for the states of Arizona and Nevada. In this role, she has the opportunity to advocate for her beloved profession, do outreach to other Medical Technologists and assist with events such as Laboratory Professionals Week in April.”

Elissa Stoltz

Alumni Class of 2016
“Elissa loved Oregon Tech and her experience in the Medical Imaging program. She reflects on how all of her teachers were so supportive and wanted their students to succeed, doing everything they possibly could to help them out. Working in a big university hospital in Colorado, Elissa says she felt very prepared; always knowing what questions to ask and how to use her knowledge to avoid feeling overwhelmed”

Florian Houguet

Alumni Class of 2004
“As a young basketball player growing up in Southern France, Florian Houguet never imagined he would one day become a graduate of Oregon Tech, all the way in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Danny Miles had a different plan for him, though. Coach Miles had visited France over the course of three years on recruiting trips and met Florian when he was in high school. Florian was attending a summer basketball camp when the coach and athlete first met. At just 15 years old, his command of the English language was not very strong so Coach Miles explained to Florian’s father that he would like to offer his son a scholarship to come play basketball at a college in Oregon once Florian graduated from high school.”

George Marostica

Alumni Class of 1953, 1955

Heidi DeGarmo

Alumni Class of 2018
“After the Navy, Heidi was running a business and starting a family. In 2011, with changing markets, she went back to school to better provide for her five children. In 2014, Heidi earned an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree from Mt. Hood Community College then enrolled at Oregon Tech. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, with a Health Informatics option in 2018.”

Jacob Graham

Alumni Class of 2005
“Jacob feels that the program he went through at Oregon Tech was phenomenal, so much so that fellow alumni in his circle and graduates that he has hired have always been able to hit the ground running in their careers. Thankful for the wide breadth of skills he learned at Oregon Tech, he also credits the school for instilling in him the confidence needed to become a successful and innovative entrepreneur. His advice for current or prospective students at Oregon Tech is: “Don’t fear challenges. Everything becomes a wonderful growth opportunity.””

Jennifer and Jason Card

Alumni Class of 1988 (Jennifer), 1996 (Jason)
“Jennifer and Jason walked down the aisle in 1999 and remained working in the Seattle area for several years. When it was time to have children, they wanted to be closer to their families, so they relocated back to Klamath Falls. The couple started the first Medicare certified Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility in the state of Oregon, Basin Vascular Laboratory. Several years later, the Cards had their first child and merged their lab with the local hospital, Sky Lakes. Jason has since cross-trained from vascular into echocardiography and continues to work at the hospital.”

Jennifer Lyman

Alumni Class of 2012
“During her time at Oregon Tech, Jennifer enjoyed playing intramurals basketball and making good friends. She especially enjoyed the dental hygiene externship she went on, working in Honduras for two and a half weeks. She says the experience was unlike anything she had ever participated in, seeing and doing things she could never be exposed to in the United States.”

Jeri Marshall

“In addition to his work in higher education, Jeri serves as a violence prevention consultant, youth pastor, foster youth educator, African American male mentor, parent empowerment facilitator and educational consultant. Jeri is a founding member of the Umoja Community Education Foundation (UCEF), a non-profit organization whose mission is to support African American students in their educational pursuits. He currently serves on the UCEF Board of Directors as Vice President.”

John Grieser and Brandon Little

Alumni Class of 2011(Greiser), 2006 and 2010 (Little)
“As part of his senior project at Oregon Tech, John designed and installed a ground-source heat pump system and solar PV array for a residence in Washington. In order to complete his senior project and install the system, he and Brandon worked together to acquire all the necessary business licenses, which is how starting their own business came to be in 2010. Once they both graduated— Brandon in 2010 and John in 2011—John was working at Solar World and Brandon was also working in the solar industry. Using the business they had created, the two of them began taking on clients, one at a time, as part of Elemental Energy. Their first core group of employees was comprised of all Oregon Tech alumni.”

John “Jack” Donahue

Alumni Class of 1956
I started my connection to OTI (Oregon Institute of Technology) when I was a junior in high school in Albany, OR. An older friend, who had already started the Surveying Program at OTI, reviewed the program with me.
Jack Donahue

Josh Weissert

Alumni Class of 2006

Juanita Lint

Alumni Class of 1978

Justin Parnell

Alumni Class of 2011

Kaitlin Endres

Alumni Class of 2011
Kaitlin Endres grew up in Portland, OR and attended Grant High School, a large school in the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL).
Kaitlin Endres

Kate and Steve Lazzini

Alumni Class of 2006 (Kate), 2008 (Steve)
“Their advice for current or future students of Oregon Tech is this: "Refuse to entertain the idea that going to a small school will hold you back from accomplishing big dreams. You may think you know the direction of your journey, but take time to live in the moment and trust the process of where life leads you. Life is full of unexpected surprises that may generate far greater opportunities than you ever could have possibly imagined. Stay focused, curious and motivated. Enjoy the ride!"”

Ken Leung

Alumni Class of 2012
“Ken misses acting and hopes to renew that passion some day as a hobby, while he also loves being an engineer. His advice for others is to have faith in yourself. Ken explains, “Anybody can do it! It’s just a matter of committing to it.” Ken feels that the support system at Oregon Tech Seattle can help anyone succeed.”

Larry Claussen

Alumni Class of 1988
“Oregon Tech prepared me very well. The learning was so practical and the hands-on experience made all the difference.”

Marcus Essig

Alumni Class of 1963
“In the spring of 1963, Instructor Wallace Uerlings, told his Auto Body Repair student Marcus Essig- “Someday you would make a good Instructor for this industry”. Marcus took that advice to heart and after seven years active in the Collision Repair industry he accepted a job as Instructor at the new Clackamas Community College”

Matt Hoffner

Alumni Class of 1984
“What is your fondest memory from Oregon Tech? Playing basketball...Coach Miles 200th victory, scoring 36 points again NW Nazarene, and beating undefeated Western Oregon in our gym.”
mike hoffner

Michael Dillard

Alumni Class of 2008
“After his time on the Klamath Falls campus, Mike completed his 11-month externship in Spokane, Washington. “To be completely honest,” Mike explained, “Spokane was nowhere near the top of the list for my externship, but I quickly fell in love with the region, the people, and decided to make the Inland Northwest my home.””

Michael Halka

Alumni Class of 2012
“Michael graduated in June of 2012 and began his first job after college at Urban Airship the following January. Urban Airship was a start-up company at the time and has since emerged as one of the leaders in push notifications and mobile marketing technology. Michael initially worked as a tech support engineer at Urban Airship and then transitioned to the implementation team.”

Mike Starr

Alumni Class of 1989
“Mike’s history with Oregon Tech began when he was spotted by the university’s football coach and recruited as a deep snapper for the Owls, receiving an academic scholarship to cover the $1,500 annual tuition costs. While he had always had a talent for science and math, a career in engineering had not yet solidified for Mike. But after being intrigued by a mechanical engineering course, Mike was hooked. “My brain just kind of worked that way.””

Monica Lopez

Alumni Class of 2021
“During her time at Oregon Tech, Monica was very involved and worked for student housing, in the library and for TOP as a peer mentor. She was even one of the speakers during TOP’s graduation celebration. Degree in hand, Monica is a proud graduate of the class of 2021 and her family were all on campus to celebrate with her!”

Nellie Stewart

Alumni Class of 2011
Applied Psychology Upon graduating from Oregon Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology, I immediately applied for the position of Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.
Nellie Stewart

Paul Randall-Grutter

Alumni Class of 1988
“The years at Oregon Tech armed Paul with the real-world education that he was able to use right away. More importantly though, he says college is about “learning how to learn.” His advice to current and future students of Oregon Tech is to keep an open mind. Paul explains that what you are passionate about as an 18-year old may change over the years as you delve deeper into your career. When Paul left college, he was designing warehouses and homes on hillsides. Thirty years later, he is designing roads. He adds, “Be open and flexible in your career.””

Rhonda Dodge

Alumni Class of 2016
“Although there are very few women in the Geomatics program, Rhonda never felt excluded. She married one of her classmates and still keeps in touch with the others as well. Her husband, Russell Dodge, works as a land surveyor for Portland General Electric. Rhonda enjoys doing outreach to high school students and spreading the word about what surveyors do.”

Richard Hensley

Alumni Class of 1986
“Looking for a career in games? Richard explains that “Games are made out of people, not software. They’re made out of emotional energy.” His advice for Oregon Tech students and alumni is simple: “CS fundamentals are the single most important skill that you can learn in the context of critical thinking and problem-solving.” Perhaps more importantly, though, Richard sums it all up by stressing, “Stay in your integrity and follow your passion!””

Ryan Russell

Alumni Class of 2000
With the February launch of Cohdoo, OIT graduate Ryan Russell fulfilled his vision of a creating a company where passionate, talented people are able to reach their full potential and family life is a priority (even the name Cohdoo was inspired by
Ryan Russell

Steve Hamblin

Alumni Class of 1999
Mechanical Engineering Technology Flying High Have a dream job description?

Stuart Jantze

Alumni Class of 2004
“Stuart Jantze graduated from Oregon Tech in 2004 with a BS in Civil Engineering. Born and raised in Bend, Stuart grew up learning to hunt and fish, activities he still thoroughly enjoys today. After receiving his AAS in Drafting Technologies from Central Oregon Community College, he headed to Klamath Falls in 2001 to pursue a civil engineering degree.”
Stuart Jantze with two caught fish

Terry Lang

Alumni Class of 1973
“College plans led Terry to Oregon Tech in 1969 and he earned his Bachelors in Electronics Engineering Technology in 1973. While on campus in Klamath Falls, Terry was involved with the Maranatha Club, a Christian organization, and developed many good connections through the club. Although Terry took many software classes at Oregon Tech, at that time there was only one computer in the entire school. Nowadays, every student has a computer!”

Tony Koung

Alumni Class of 2016
“In addition to learning, teaching is also a passion for Tony. He currently teaches three evening classes for Oregon Tech at Boeing. When it comes to being in the classroom, Tony says his favorite part of teaching is taking someone from a non-engineering background and transforming them into a trained engineer. He has to be strategic about the work he gives his students so that they have the time to do it and understand it. Using the machine shop at the Boeing Everett plant is a huge benefit for the Oregon Tech students there.”

Travis Thomas

Alumni Class of 2019
“Travis has thoughtful advice for current students: “Even though it seems like it’s unachievable, keep striving. Ask your professors for as much help as you need. After you walk across the stage, it’ll be worth it. Keep pushing and never give up.” And for the class of 2020, our newest alumni, Travis adds, “Roll with the punches. Make the best out of what’s in front of you. Just know that everything will work out as long as you stay positive and keep moving forward.””

Tyler Ferraro

Alumni Class of 2010
“Tyler Ferraro graduated in 2010 with a BS in Software Engineering. While at OIT in Klamath Falls, he started an acrobatics club, Team FAST, that lasted for four years and performed at the talent shows as well as around the city. The acrobatics group still hangs out to this day and are like family.”

Vince Jones

Alumni Class of 1984
“Vince, ... was recruited by Dan Miles to play basketball for OIT. Always looking for new and exciting challenges, Vince moved to Klamath Falls and enrolled at OIT in the fall of 1979. ”
Vince Jones

William Dettwyler

Alumni Class of 1955 and 1959
“In order to get accepted to OTI, prospective students needed a high school diploma, which William lacked. So he asked his doctor and his dentist to write him letters of recommendation instead and used those in the admissions process. Based on those recommendations, the dean of students accepted him and he started the Medical Technology program as a walk-in on a Friday, the last day of starting classes for the term.”