norm miles award
The Honorary Alumnus Award honors individuals who are not alumni of Oregon Tech, but due to their unique contributions that qualify them for special recognition as members of the Oregon Tech community and family. The award entitles the recipient to all benefits of the Alumni Association. It is expected that this award will only be bestowed upon the most worthy individuals, and therefore may not be awarded every year.

2021: Bert King; Don and Sherrill Boyd

2019: Norm Miles

2018: John Stilwell

2017: Nabil Taha

2016: Chris Maples

2015: Erin Foley

2014: Dean and Barbara Towne

2013: Bob Kingzett

2012: Danny Miles

2011: Dr. Timothy Stanaway

2010: Doug and Kathy Yates

2009: Col. (Retired) Donald “Scott” Powell and John Novak

2008: Marla Edge

2007: Abbie Allen

2006: Joan Staunton

2005: Michael Hallgrimson

2004: Gerda Hyde and Bobby Thompson

2003: Patricia Holman