Devin and Missy Mckenna
Alumni, Class of 2005
Devin and Missy Mckenna Family

We are delighted to share the heartwarming story of Devin and Missy McKenna, an incredible couple whose journey of love and success began at Oregon Tech.

Missy chose to attend Oregon Tech to study in the dual computer hardware and software program, receiving a scholarship and embracing the opportunity to contribute to the community through volunteer work.  Devin began his journey as an Owl with a passion for computers and a knack for problem solving. Despite a rocky academic start (which he blames on Missy), he discovered his calling in hardware engineering. Devin and Missy met in the Residence Hall, where their connection blossomed, surrounded by the hum of late-night conversations and the camaraderie of college life.

Missy's professional journey unfolds as a narrative of resilience and adaptability within the dynamic realm of corporate transformations. In 2008, Kronos acquired the company she was working for, and Missy became an integral part of the Kronos family, dedicating a significant portion of her career to the company until 2018. The company underwent further shifts in ownership, with a recent development in August of the current year, introducing a new era under fresh leadership.

From the trenches of customer service, Missy transitioned in to accounting, and then onward to orchestrating the intricate dance between engineering and customer needs in project coordination. Her repertoire extends to roles as a solutions consultant, emphasizing versatility as a key aspect of her professional identity.

Missy McKenna

The essence of Missy's career lies not in doing one thing but in embracing the multifaceted nature of her roles with the highest level of loyalty that every employer dreams of. Looking ahead, Missy contemplates a future where the love for her company converges with new aspirations, paving the way for fresh challenges and accomplishments. In the evolving landscape of her career, the next horizon holds the promise of fulfilling endeavors and continued growth.

Devin's career with Intel Corporation catapulted into an international odyssey, turning business trips into unforgettable adventures. The launch of new product became a passport to explore the world. In the relentless hustle of one quarter, a mere three months, Devin found himself on the road for an astonishing 10 weeks.

Devin’s globetrotting itinerary spanned continents – from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa to the tech hubs of India and Korea, followed by the dynamic energy of China. But Devin's travels weren't confined to international escapades alone. He has crisscrossed the United States, visiting cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC for domestic training sessions.

Devin McKenna

Each trip was a meticulous blend of work and leisure. Devin developed comprehensive two-day training classes but also orchestrated slides, labs, and everything in between. The intricacies of his work demanded a relentless schedule, but Devin managed to immerse himself in the cultural fabric of the places he visited.

The tales from these expeditions read like a travelogue of global proportions. Devin reminisces about being in Munich during the 2008 World Cup, soaking in the infectious spirit at the Olympic Park. While he might have missed the live action on the field, he found himself amidst a sea of fervent fans, reveling in the camaraderie that major sporting events bring. The unexpected perks of his career allowed him to absorb the excitement of the World Cup and explore Munich's landmarks, creating lasting memories amid the whirlwind of professional commitments.

As the love story between Missy and Devin unfolded over the years, the narrative expanded to include the delightful presence of their two children. The duo, now parents, embarked on a journey of shared joys and parenthood, weaving the essence of family into the tapestry of their lives. 

Devin and Missy Mckenna Family

With each passing milestone, from the first steps to the laughter-filled family gatherings, the McKenna family became a testament to the enduring power of love and the joy that comes with raising a family. The children, embodying the unique blend of their parents' personalities, added a new dimension to the McKenna saga.

Today, 23 years after their paths initially crossed, Devin and Missy's love story stands as a testament to the enduring power of connection. From the vibrant days in the Residence Hall at Oregon Tech to the intricacies of corporate landscapes, their journey epitomizes resilience, adaptability, and the unwavering strength of a love that has weathered the seasons of life. 

And so, in the tapestry of Oregon Tech's legacy, Missy and Devin's stories are woven, each thread contributing to the rich narrative of success, love, and the enduring spirit of curiosity that defines the Oregon Tech experience.

~Jacen Bridges, Interim Director of Alumni Relations