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Alumni Spirit Award

The Alumni Spirit Award honors those individuals who have served the university or the Alumni Association, and have made significant contributions over and above those normally expected. Recipients have presented themselves as dedicated and loyal alumni through their continued interest in and support of the university and/or the Alumni Association.


2017: Allan Snippen '07, Software Engineering Technology

2016: Jim Wegat '00, Laser Optical Engineering Technology

2015: Neal Spoon, '98 Civil Engineering
2014: James De Hoog, '98 Manufacturing Engineering Technology & Scott Blower, '97 Civil Engineering Technology
2013: Mark Willrett ’89 Civil Engineering
2012: Kristi Redd ’78 Secretarial Science
2011: Tommy Wells '56, Surveying Engineering Technology
2010: Benjamin Roberts '07, Electronics Engineering Technology
2009: Darryl Anderson '78, Civil Engineering Technology
2008: Jeffery Kee '87, Industrial Management; Gary Johnston '89, Software Engineering Technology
2007: Rachael Thurston '86, Surveying
2006: John P. Vandecoevering '72, Mechanical Engineering Technology
2005: Kyle Hensley '95, Surveying; Stacie Hensley '95, Surveying
2004: Robert Rivera '94, Civil Engineering
2003: Lance Bishop '82, Surveying; Tim Kent '71, Surveying

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