Ways to Stay Connected



Attend Events!

We have many events throughout the year that alumni are invited to on our multiple campuses.

Attend the Student Symposium

This event in the spring is where students present their senior (and some junior) projects. Having professionals in the field with whom to discuss their projects can be quite a thrill, and a great networking opportunity for students.

Help Sponsor an Info Session or Attend a Career Fair

Information sessions are a great way to promote student focus on a specific organization. Employees (typically a couple of alumni included) present on campus about what it’s like to work at their firm, then have a networking session and collect resumes of interested students. Career Fairs are held twice a year on both campuses. Working with HR to attend a career fair is a wonderful way to help guide students to your firm.

Volunteer to be a guest speaker in a class

Some classes are during the day, but many are in the evening, making it easy to share your expertise.



Volunteer for Informational Interviews

Volunteer to be available for short chats in your office with students about your organization or your career path, to help them clarify their own career goals.

Host a Luncheon

Gather all of the alumni that work in your place of business and we will help throw a luncheon for all of you.

Offer Students a Job Shadow or Site Visit

Volunteer to host a student to show them the office and how work is done in a “real-world” setting. Sometimes these are fairly casual, but other times more structured, with presentations from people in different functions.

Sponsor an Internship

Many companies think they need a formal internship program (and it’s a great way to hire the top students), but if an individual employee has a need for a project to get completed, and has a small budget, a student can often help to the benefit of all. Anyone interested in hiring students may contact jennifer.kass@oit.edu for additional information.



Attend Events!

We have many events throughout the year that alumni are invited to all over the country. Attend and meet alumni!

Host an Event and/or Become a Regional Leader

If you live in a region that has a large number of alumni, consider being a leader and creating opportunities for alumni to meet up for networking or social purposes. The alumni office will help!



Post Jobs and Internships

Employees may post jobs and internships, or work with your HR department to do so. After they are posted, we can advertise to students and promote your company. See oit.joinhandshake.com

Student Capstone Projects

Seniors work on year-long projects in their field, and industry sponsorship can be an important part of that work.

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