Scientific Achievement Award

The Scientific Achievement Award honors individuals who pay tribute to alumni who have contributed to remarkable advancements in sciences. Each recipient must have exhibited an accomplishment in the area of scientific research, discovery and/or innovation. Through their achievement they bring great honor and distinction to the University. Chris Duffin Award Photo


2021: Mary Campbell '84, Medical lab Technology

2019: Chris Duffin '99, Manufacturing Engineering

2018: Dr. Corey Chakarun '02, Health Sciences

2017: Dr. Leah Goeres '09, Biology

2016: Derek Pallett '13, Mechanical Engineering; Nathan Leung '13 Mechanical Engineering                                                          

2015: Robert Kester '04, Laser Optical Engineering Technology

2014: Trent Peterson '05, Software Engineering Technology

2013: Ricardo Ramos '90, Electronics Engineering Technology

2012: Alan Auli ’84, Mechanical Engineering Technology

2011: Ryan Russell '00, Software Engineering Technology

2010: David Bajorins '98, Laser Optical Engineering Technology

2009: Tracy Sharpe '94, Software Engineering Technology

2008: Chace Fadlovich '99, Laser Optical Eng.; Nicholas Bratt, '98 Laser Optical Eng.

2007: Kent B. Welter '97, Mechanical Engineering Technology

2006: Kevin Searles '93, Mechanical Engineering Technology

2005: Burell "Bo" Clawson '64, Mechanical Engineering Technology

2004: Leo Ferroni '53, Drafting Technology

2003: Steven Pawlowski '82, Computer Engineering