alumni advisory board

Join the Alumni Advisory Board

Members of the Oregon Tech Alumni Advisory Board meet twice per year to discuss the Alumni Association and to develop long-range goals and programs. Each member serves a 3-year term, with the option of serving two consecutive terms. The Board is led by a Chairperson and work is conducted by small committees for Admissions, Annual Giving, Affinity Partnerships, Chapter Development, and Nominating. Ad Hoc committees are sometimes created to help facilitate specific projects.

If you would like more information about how you can be part of this important and dynamic group of volunteers, please contact Nick Jernberg at the Alumni Relations office, 503-821-1145 or via e-mail at nicholas.jernberg@oit.edu.

alumni mentoring program

Mentoring Program

Are you looking to give back to Oregon Tech in a meaningful way? If so, then check out our Alumni Association Mentoring Program! The Mentoring Program allows Oregon Tech Alumni the opportunity to share their college and career experiences with potential Oregon Tech students.

By attending a quick training session and filling out the mentoring form, you can give back! For more information on the Mentoring Program:

Click Here to be an Alumni Mentor!


"I have found a great deal of satisfaction, enjoyment, and continued pride working with new and current students in the Oregon Tech Mentoring Program. As it has been five years since I have graduated Oregon Tech I find that my family, student loans, and other life happenings make it such I am not in a place to make significant financial contributions to Oregon Tech. However, through the Mentoring Program I am still able to give back and help the next generation of Oregon Tech students, be as successful and enjoy their college experience as I did.  The Mentoring program  also allows me to share and foster the pride of being part of Oregon Tech."

Ben Roberts, Former Alumni Advisory Board Mentoring Committee Chair