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Recent Alumni Achievement Award

The Recent Alumni Achievement Award annually honors an alumni who has graduated within the last 10 years and achieved significant success in his/her profession, made personal contributions to his/her field, and is esteemed by his/her peers and colleagues as a leader in industry, profession or company.


2017: Caroline Doty, '14 Clinical Laboratory Science

2016: Justin Parnell, '11 Communications

2015: Trevor Mauch, '05 Management/Small Business Option
2014: Del Turner, '08 & '12 EMT-Paramedic/Allied Health Management
2013: Derrick Draper '06, Civil Engineering Technology
2012: Tavish Ledesma ’04, Computer Systems Engineering Technology
2011: Dr. Tawnia Shaw '01, Health Sciences
2010: James Wegat '00, Laser Optical Engineering Technology
2009: Jeffrey Dickson '06, Management Information Systems
2008: Sharity Ludwig '03, Dental Hygiene
2007: Kari A. Olmsted '98, Vascular Imaging
2006: Kevin M. Noble '02, Mechanical Engineering Technology
2005: Dr. Janette A. Isaacson '95, Medical Imaging Technology
2004: Scott Hanselman '03, Software Engineering Technology
2003: Paul Conklin '95, Medical Imaging Technology

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