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Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award annually honors prominent alumni who have made remarkable contributions in the areas of professional achievement and demonstrated strong leadership to the community and Oregon Tech. View past recipients

Scientific Achievement Award

This award seeks to pay tribute to alumni who have contributed to remarkable advancements in the sciences. Each recipient must have exhibited an accomplishment in the area of scientific research, discovery and/or innovation. Through their achievement they bring great honor and distinction to the College. View past recipients

Recent Alumni Achievement Award

This award recognizes alumni who have attained extraordinary distinction and success in their professional career. Recipients of this award have graduated from Oregon Tech within the last 10 years. the recipient of this award exemplifies the best and the brightest of our recent alums. View past recipients

Alumni Spirit Award

This award honors those individuals who have served the university or the Alumni Association, and have made significant contributions over and above those normally expected. Recipients have presented themselves as dedicated and loyal alumni through their continued interest in and support of the university and/or the Alumni Association. View past recipients

Honorary Alumnus Award

Select individuals who are not alumni of Oregon Tech may be named Honorary Alumnus. They will be chosen for this honor because of their unique contributions that singularly qualify them for special recognition as members of the Oregon Tech community and family. The award entitles the recipient to all benefits of the Alumni Association. It is expected that this award will only be bestowed upon the most worthy individuals, and therefore may not be awarded every year. View past recipients